Are you in need of new activity ideas that do not involve any screens or technology? Check out the Additional Enrichment Folder for the "Nontech" Calendar option! Feel free to share your completion of these activities with me or your classroom teacher


There are Enrichment ideas available for everyone here - check under "Weekly Assignments" and "Additional Enrichment". If your student is a GT student you can find his/her weekly assignments under "Weekly Learning Activities" and grade level. All activities are also being shared on your child's Seesaw or Teams account. 

I would love to see all the learning that is taking place to feel free to send me emails, pictures, work, etc to DownerLB@pwcs.edu.  Stay Safe! 

New Enrichment ideas are being added so be sure to check back often! Click on Parent & Student information. There you will find websites to visit as well as "offline" activities. 

4th & 5th Grade - Be sure to check out the Khan Academy Imagineering in a Box! It fits well with our roller coaster unit! Design and create your own amusement park!

Hello My Students!! I hope you all are safe and well! I know this is a huge change for you but know that you are missed and loved by all your teachers. 

I want to make sure your brain is still growing and being challenged and those neurons continue to make connections! I will be sharing resources, challenges, logic puzzles, enrichment activities and websites to add some more fun to your learning. It is optional, but I am more than happy to help you all with anything you need!

Click on Parent and Student Information and you will see some ideas and resources there.  All activities provided will be building upon and related to skills we have been working on in class as well as progress towards the Goals of the Gifted Program as you will see listed below.  You can also follow @RKESGifted on Twitter as well!

Parents and students, please do not hesitate to email me with questions of just to say "Hi"! DownerLB@pwcs.edu  Miss you all!

Instructional Objectives of the Gifted Program
Our goals are to develop skills in critical thinkingcreative thinkingconceptual thinkingcommunication and collaboration in order to enable and encourage students to become self directed learners. We continually work on building upon these skills all year long and across the grade levels as students grow and mature in their thinking. 

Want to enjoy some family time but still encourage learning and out of the box thinking? Check out some of these games!
Game Suggestions

Games used in 2nd Grade Push in Lessons:

  • Q-Bitz
  • Topicubes
  • Shape by Shape
  • Set

Language Arts Games:

  • Slapzi
  • Tell Tale
  • Pickles to Penguins
  • Speedee Bee
  • Story Cubes

Mathematics Games:

  • Tenzi
  • Math Dice Jr.
  • 7 Ate 9
  • Brick by Brick
  • Equate

Critical Thinking/Spatial Reasoning Games

  • So Stress Chess
  • Blokus
  • Forbidden Sky
  • Rush Hour (and Rush Hour Jr)
  • Swish