Graduates of Rockledge Elementary School are confident, world-class citizens and possess the life-long skills that are necessary to reach their fullest potential and change the world. 

The Comprehensive School Counseling Program at Rockledge Elementary School provides a foundation for students to become life-long learners through academic, social/emotional, and career development. Through collaboration with school and community stakeholders and by identifying and addressing barriers, school counselors work as advocates to provide equitable access to learning opportunities so that each student is empowered to become world-class citizens and achieve their personal best in their classrooms, school, and community. 

Meet Your School Counselors

Ms. Glaze, Counselor  Ms. Mack, Counselor 
Meredith Glaze, M.Ed.
‪(571) 295-5471‬

Ms. Glaze is our full-time school counselor.  She earned her Bachelor's degree from Cornell University and her Master's degree from the University of Maryland.  Outside of school, Ms. Glaze enjoys yoga, rock climbing, and playing piano.  Ms. Glaze is passionate about forming relationships with students and families to help overcome barriers to learning.

Gabrielle Mack, M.Ed.
‪(571) 295-6567

Ms. Mack is our itinerant school counselor who is at Rockledge on Wednesdays and Fridays. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Ferrum College and her Master’s degree from Liberty University. Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with her fur baby and coaching volleyball. Ms. Mack is passionate about cultivating and developing our students and preparing them for future endeavors!


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