Cafeteria Mitigation Procedures
Posted on 08/10/2021
Cafeteria Mitigation Procedures

Rockledge is excited to have 96% of students returning for in-person learning. With so many Eagles returning to the nest it is necessary to be explicit in how we manage the cafeteria process. To support a safe lunch environment, the following steps have been implemented:

-staggered lunch times, allowing for table sanitation between class use

-assigned seating to support contact tracing if the need arises

-more tables used than in a typical school year with less students at each table 

-handwashing and hand sanitizer use prior to entering the cafeteria and when transitioning back to classrooms

-separate doors for exit and entry into the cafeteria, promoting one-way traffic 

-classes remain seated until the teacher comes to pick them up, decreasing unnecessary movement and

-Increased staff presence in the cafeteria to monitor for safety and remind students of procedures. 

We are in consultation with PWCS Risk Management seeking feedback to continuously enhance our practices.