Attention 5th Grade Families!

Any 5th grader who has not yet completed the registration form can still be added to the strings class! You can turn the form into your 5th grade teacher or email Mr.  Harmen at

Quick facts about Strings...
  • Free
  • During the school day
  • Open to 5th graders

What do we do in Orchestra class?

  • Students learn the violin, viola, cello, or bass.
  • Students perform their instruments in three concerts.
  • The concerts take place in the evening so families can come.

Do I need to buy an instrument?

  •  No! Students can obtain an instrument from the school at no cost.
  • I will send out a list of required materials (approx. $ 10) in mid-September. 

Other important information…

  • Strings class lasts the entire school year. Please plan to participate for the entire year!
  • Strings class is graded. The grading system is below…
    • S+ I completed my assignments, performed in the concert, and always did my best.
    • S I always did my best and performed in the concert.
    • S- I did not always do my best and/or did not perform at the concert.
    • N I did not try.
  •  Strings class takes place during core extension. Students do not miss math, science, history, etc. to participate in orchestra class

Flyer and Registration Form