The following is information from PWCS regarding the Virginia Growth Assessment for students in grades 3-8 in addition to Rockledge specific information. The Virginia Board of Education has adopted the Virginia Assessment Program to help track progress in the Standards of Learning (SOL). The SOLs indicate Virginia’s expectations for what students should know and be able to do in the subject areas of reading, writing, mathematics, science, and history/social studies. Each year, students in specific grade levels and courses are expected to participate in SOL testing unless exempted by state or federal law or by Board of Education regulations. In the past, most students participated in SOL testing during the spring. However, recent legislation requires Grades 3-8 students to also participate in a growth assessment twice per school year.

This school year, Grades 3-8 students will participate in both a reading and math growth assessment during the fall and winter, and then regular SOL testing in the spring. The growth assessments will be taken onsite at schools, just like the regular SOL tests. At the conclusion of the test window, your student’s school will provide you with a report of their performance. Please note that there are no passing or failing scores associated with the growth assessments. Rather, they are designed to help track your student’s progress in reading and math over the course of the schoolyear.   

Students at Rockledge in grades 3-5 will be participating in the Winter VA growth assessments in both reading and math.  Assessments will be administered in the classroom following breakfast.  Students with EL service delivery plans or IEPs will receive their accommodations as they do on any statewide assessment.  All students are expected to participate in the assessment.  Virtual students will be expected to attend in person for testing on the dates listed below.

 Please see the testing schedule below. 

  • 5th Grade Reading- Tuesday, 1/10
  • 4th Grade Reading- Wednesday, 1/11
  • 3rd Grade Reading- Thursday, 1/12
  • 5th Grade Math- Tuesday,  1/17
  • 4th Grade Math- Wednesday, 1/18
  • 3rd Grade Math- Thursday, 1/19
  • Make ups- Week of January 24