Check The Hub for bus routes and watch for buses on the roads in Prince William County this first week of school
Posted on 08/10/2021
Questions about your school bus?Bus schedules are available in The Hub via ParentVUE. Bus route information can change in the beginning of the school year due to student enrollment, and The Hub offers parents the ability to receive the most up-to-date bus information. Check for any changes to your students' bus information the night before during these first few weeks of school. 

Bus schedules will not be emailed to parents/guardians, and due to security reasons, we will not post bus routes to our website.

Please be patient during this first week as some buses may run late while trying to get everyone back into routine.

Wondering where the bus is? Use the Here Comes the Bus app or website for arrival times. Email for app assistance. Go to the Here Comes the Bus website.

Need additional transportation help?

Western Area: 571-402-3980 or

Central Area: 571-402-3942

Eastern Area: 571-402-3962 or